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Choose From the Best Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne

Melbourne Short Stay Apartments

There is always a lot to see and do in Melbourne, and with countless events on throughout the year from music to entertainment to sporting events, there is always a high demand for accommodation throughout the year, not to mention on New Year’s Eve. Weekends are always a busy time as visitors stream in to catch a game or spend a weekend away shopping and enjoying all the great things our wonderful city has to offer.
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Looking for Short Stay Accommodation in Melbourne?

For those looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in Melbourne for a short stay, here at Platinum Apartments we have a lot of choices that will make it easy for you to forget all other providers, but may make it difficult to choose just one.

We have been operating in Melbourne for the past decade and in that time we have acquired 20 apartments in the Southbank area. We have spent a lot of time, money and effort on these properties, designing them so that each one offers a unique style and experience, with one thing in common between all of them – they offer a level of personalisation and attention to detail that makes them feel like a home away from home.

So, when you are browsing through our collection of apartments here at Platinum Apartments, you should be prepared to find some of the most incredible photos that depict the exact luxury and staggering views of Melbourne that will be waiting for you once you arrive.

Luxury Short Stay Apartments with Flexibility and Savings

Let’s say that you have never really ventured beyond the walls of hotels when you visit Melbourne and are inbound for a weekend. Do you really think that the last few times you were here you really got your money’s worth from the stay?

With a hotel, you are at their mercy in terms of dining times, and then you always have to remember to leave out your card on the door so that the cleaning staff don’t barge in while you are getting ready for the day. You can never really relax in a hotel and you are essentially confined to a glorified bedroom for the duration of your stay.

Instead, consider the possibilities of choosing a self-contained apartment. Not only will you have all the luxury and comfort, perhaps even more so, that a hotel bedroom offers, but you will also have a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, balcony and access to a gym, sauna, steam and massage rooms, as well as the possibility of an indoor pool.

This means that even if you are out and about all day and don’t want to splash out on dinner in a restaurant, you can just pop into the local convenience store, buy the groceries you fancy and whip up a meal or a simple snack that will more than satisfy your appetite.

Quintessential Melbourne Accommodation Experience

The flexibility that our apartments offer at Platinum Apartments is unrivalled by any of our competitors. Booking a 3 bedroom apartment in Melbourne for your short stay with Platinum Apartments is the smart move, especially if you are a party of up to 6 or 7. One home for your stay, with the cost divided between all of you, and the flexibility to come and go and eat as and when you please means you can save your money for the shops, or the game, or the gig.

Here at Platinum Apartments, we look forward to giving you the quintessential Southbank experience and promise nothing short of a superb city break.

For more information, call 0407 666 900 if calling from within Australia, or +61 407 666 900 if calling from overseas. Our handy online contact form is also available if you'd prefer to contact us in writing.

Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne for Any Occasion

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities, and there’s always an influx of holiday-makers and permanent movers into the city. This constant stream of different individuals has resulted in a city that is full of amazing restaurants and bars, shopping centres and other entertainment attractions.

Melbourne is the perfect place for any city slicker; if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city but are craving the freedom of some greenery and a bit more space, then our luxury short stay apartments are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Located on the prestigious property precinct along the Yarra River, our apartments are conveniently located within walking distance of all Southbank’s most popular entertainment facilities.

Anything you need, and whatever you desire, can be found right around the corner from our short stay apartments.

When you are looking for Melbourne city apartments, short stay can be hard to find if you have something specific in mind. Luckily Platinum Apartments are cut from a different cloth - our standards really do set us apart from many of the other short stay apartments in Melbourne.

Our luxury short stay accommodation is bound to bowl you over, as they come replete with unbelievable views, stunning inclusions, and the highest level of comfort.

Our Luxury Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne City CBD

In 2017, we won the Optus Business Award for Tourism and Business. We are incredibly proud of this achievement as it confirms that our efforts to create luxury short stay apartments in Melbourne has been truly successful.

However, our real pleasure doesn’t come from receiving prestigious awards, but rather from our clients that enjoy their stay so much that they return time and again. We take great pride in our repeat clients, as this means that they really did love their stay with us enough to return. What makes us even happier is the number of direct referrals that we receive during the booking process; it’s great that our clients are telling other about Platinum Apartments.

Each one of our short stay apartments has been uniquely decorated to theme picked by experienced interior decorators. So, when choosing from our accommodation options, you can select the one that best suits your personality and needs.

Inside each apartment you will find luxurious furnishings, only the most modern kitchen and other household appliances, and sweeping views across the Southbank area. That isn’t all though - the luxury short stay apartments themselves are only one part of what makes us so special.

Within the Platinum Apartments complex you will find an infinity swimming pools, and other normal pools, spas, a conference centre, meeting rooms, fully equipped gym, a roof top garden, BBQ pits, and the bottom level of a shopping arcade complete with a wonderful supermarket and a 24-hour convenience store.

Short Stay Apartments Close to The Best of Melbourne City


Staying at our luxury short stay accommodation also means that you are slap bang in the middle of Melbourne’s most sought-after tourist attractions, sporting venues, art galleries, entertainment, and casinos.

You can walk out of your door and find yourself in amongst the city’s finest dining restaurants, and vibey bars. There’s an absolute plethora of activities to enjoy within close proximity, and if you’d like to explore the city a bit further, then simply ask our wonderful concierge desk for assistance.

If you’d like us to suggest a few activities off the bat, then these are our choices:

  • MCG and Docklands Stadium for some awesome live sport
  • Experience some of the high life at one of Melbourne’s four racetracks
  • Listen to captivating performances at the Melbourne Concert Hall
  • Be captivated by the natural world at the aquarium, zoo or Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Check out the variety of museums in the city
  • Experience Melbourne’s culture and art at the many galleries throughout the city

These are just some of the things you can get up to when staying at the luxurious Platinum Apartments, whether your here on a business or leisure trip. Please contact us, fill in our online form, or use our online chat tool, if you need any further information.

We can’t wait to have you stay at our deluxe short stay apartments.

Short-term accommodation in Melbourne does not necessarily have to be relegated exclusively to the hotels and bed and breakfast options, though. Here at Platinum Apartments, we offer self-contained apartments in some of the city’s most stunning residential buildings and in some of the best locations in Melbourne.

Benefits of Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne

Staying in self-catering accommodation is a choice that many vacationers are opting for in increasing numbers. There are a number of benefits attached to this kind of holiday. The obvious idea is that you have a place all to yourself that allows you to set-up the day and prepare meals as and when you choose.

For those travelling with little ones, this is the ideal way to approach a holiday, because you are not at the mercy of hotel staff and dining times, and have the privacy of your own space where you can prepare the food you know will go down well with your family.

If you are on a shopping trip in Melbourne, what better way to enjoy the Southbank area than to have a luxurious base right in the heart of the city that you can drop bags back to if you feel like it? And if you want to kick back all day and just watch the world go by from your palatial perch in the sky, then so be it. How you spend your time is entirely up to you, and when you are staying in a Platinum Apartment we know that the temptation will always be there to just stay in and live it up in the lap of luxury.

In terms of affordability, short-term apartments in Melbourne is often a much thriftier way to get an incredible location at a great price, particularly when the rate for the entire stay is divided up between all those who are staying. At Platinum Apartments, we offer one, two and three bedroom apartments that are to die for, which means that we can cater for groups of varying sizes.

What’s more, our one of a kind, luxury two-storey penthouse that overlooks the Etihad Stadium can house anywhere between 8 and 14 people. This is truly an exceptional property, so if you want that once in a lifetime experience, there really is no better property to hire in Melbourne.

Questions About Our Short Stay Accommodation?

At Platinum Apartments, we strive to create a home-life experience for those that visit and stay with us, and to this end, we bring a range of exceptionally beautiful apartments to the market for rent, that are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face and give you the flexibility and space to enjoy your time in the city as you see fit.

So, don’t just settle for the ordinary and familiar that hotels offer. Ask for more and at with Platinum Apartments, we promise that you shall receive.

For more information, call 0407 666 900 if calling from within Australia, or +61 407 666 900 if calling from overseas. Our handy online contact form is also available if you'd prefer to contact us in writing.

Platinum Apartments are your luxury accommodation Melbourne specialists that offer the absolute best penthouse apartments & corporate accommodation for any luxury long term accommodation or short stay accommodation.

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