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Short & Long Term Stay Accomodation in Melbourne

Let’s say you are planning a family vacation and want to experience Melbourne but need to do it on a budget that not only allows you to live it up a little both in terms of how you spend your time but where you will rest your head at night. Hotels are one option, but they are pretty expensive no matter where you go these days and let’s face it, they’re not very flexible in terms of when you can eat and what you can do.
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Short-term accommodation in Melbourne does not necessarily have to be relegated exclusively to the hotels and bed and breakfast options, though. Here at Platinum Apartments, we offer self-contained apartments in some of the city’s most stunning residential buildings and in some of the best locations in Melbourne.

Benefits of Self-Contained Apartments

Staying in self-catering accommodation is a choice that many vacationers are opting for in increasing numbers. There are a number of benefits attached to this kind of holiday. The obvious idea is that you have a place all to yourself that allows you to set-up the day and prepare meals as and when you choose.

For those travelling with little ones, this is the ideal way to approach a holiday, because you are not at the mercy of hotel staff and dining times, and have the privacy of your own space where you can prepare the food you know will go down well with your family.

If you are on a shopping trip in Melbourne, what better way to enjoy the Southbank area than to have a luxurious base right in the heart of the city that you can drop bags back to if you feel like it? And if you want to kick back all day and just watch the world go by from your palatial perch in the sky, then so be it. How you spend your time is entirely up to you, and when you are staying in a Platinum Apartment we know that the temptation will always be there to just stay in and live it up in the lap of luxury.

In terms of affordability, short-term apartments in Melbourne is often a much thriftier way to get an incredible location at a great price, particularly when the rate for the entire stay is divided up between all those who are staying. At Platinum Apartments, we offer one, two and three bedroom apartments that are to die for, which means that we can cater for groups of varying sizes.

What’s more, our one of a kind, luxury two-storey penthouse that overlooks the Etihad Stadium can house anywhere between 8 and 14 people. This is truly an exceptional property, so if you want that once in a lifetime experience, there really is no better property to hire in Melbourne.

Ask for More

At Platinum Apartments, we strive to create a home-life experience for those that visit and stay with us, and to this end, we bring a range of exceptionally beautiful apartments to the market for rent, that are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face and give you the flexibility and space to enjoy your time in the city as you see fit.

So, don’t just settle for the ordinary and familiar that hotels offer. Ask for more and at with Platinum Apartments, we promise that you shall receive.

For more information, call 0407 666 900 if calling from within Australia, or +61 407 666 900 if calling from overseas. Our handy online contact form is also available if you'd prefer to contact us in writing.

Platinum Apartments are your luxury accommodation Melbourne specialists that offer the absolute best penthouse apartments & corporate accommodation for any luxury long term accommodation or short stay accommodation.

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