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Sometimes life gets in the way of best-laid plans and in these moments it is important that we can find our feet and settle ourselves. We can never always know when hardship will visit upon a loved one, however, when it happens and you are required to travel in order to be by their side in their time of need, you will need a place away from home that feels like home.
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Looking for a Serviced Apartment on Saint Kilda Road, Melbourne?

Here at Platinum Apartments, our serviced apartment on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne is just a stone’s throw from the Alfred Hospital and is the perfect base for those that need to be close to the hospital at all times.

At Platinum Apartments, we know what it’s like to see a loved one in the hospital, and believe it or not, found ourselves in this very position, in this very area and at the Alfred Hospital many years ago. Unfortunately, our experience where accommodation was concerned did little to allay the stresses of the day and so, when the dust settled and things came good again, we were determined to make a difference in the area.

Why Self-Catering versus Hotel

While a hotel might immediately spring to mind for those visiting a city, here at Platinum Apartments we believe that it is always important to consider what you are actually getting from it and whether it really offers the best value for money.

Those who must travel in order to be with a friend or relative in the hospital will invariably spend a lot of their time at the hospital and adhere to its visiting hours. As such, the assigned breakfast, lunch and dinner times at the hotel may not fit with your schedule, and you may not be getting the best bang for your buck. With a self-catering apartment, you choose your eating times, sleeping times and do not have to concern yourself with cleaning staff turning up and interrupting your sleep in.

At Platinum Apartments, our serviced apartment on St. Kilda Road has a 24-hour convenience store close by, which means that you can stock what will be your home for your stay with the foods that you know you like, and can access them as and when you please.

Furthermore, when you get a few hours to yourself, if you feel the need to get some exercise without necessarily having to travel out of the area, there is a large and fully equipped gym in the building. And for those who may be travelling for leisure reasons, there is a theatre room equipped with a projector and surround sound at your disposal.

Home in an Unfamiliar Place

As such, our luxury apartment has been meticulously designed and furnished to bring a sense of home to an unfamiliar place, so that those who need a comfortable, relaxing space for a short stay can find one in the vicinity of the hospital.

So, when you are looking for a home away from home that is kitted out with all of the home luxuries that allow you to rest and recuperate after a busy day, rest assured that at Platinum Apartments we will have an exquisite serviced apartment on St. Kilda Road ready and waiting.

For more information, call 0407 666 900 if calling from within Australia, or +61 407 666 900 if calling from overseas. Our handy online contact form is also available if you'd prefer to contact us in writing.

Platinum Apartments are your luxury accommodation Melbourne specialists that offer the absolute best penthouse apartments & corporate accommodation for any luxury long term accommodation or short stay accommodation.

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